Insert “Hello World” Here

Yeah I know, same old “this is my new blog” stuff. So, here it is: Welcome to my new blog.

There I said it,




  1. Hello world.

    (That’s what you wanted me to do, right??) 😉

  2. The Chronicler · · Reply

    Hiya dude. 😀

  3. Welcome earthling…

    1. So if you are calling me an earthling… Would you be an alien? … And they say you guys (er… things) didn’t exist…

      Anyway, Salutations! 😛

  4. You too !

    Hello ! Hello Hello … right back at you

    next !

    1. Aw, World It just means that we are happy to meet you. 😉

  5. YES!!!!! You did it!!! You got a blog!! WOOT! 😀 😀 😀 Way to go Ben!!

    1. 😉 Thanks man. Never thought about it until you mentioned it. 😀

      1. No problem! BTW, I really like your theme… it’s very professional-journalist looking. 😉

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