National Pride

A bullet hit his helmet. Later he woke up unconscious. The bullet had entered in the front of the helmet, went between the kevlar lining, and exited on the other side. God certainly was watching over this soldier. What Nation does he call home?

Do you have national pride?

“JUST as some people have a better self-image than others, so it seems do countries. In a poll of 33 nations by the Reputation Institute, a branding consultancy, people were asked to rate their trust, admiration, respect and pride in their country. The results are presented as an index. By this measure, Australians are almost as exuberant about their country as they are about sport, and lead the list. They are followed closely by Canadians. Americans, normally a patriotic and positive bunch, are perhaps being affected by the recession. The limited self-regard of Brazilians belies their reputation as a sunny, carefree people, but the Japanese are gloomiest of all.” -The Economist September 29th, 2009

National Pride

I don't know about you, but I think my country has the most national pride. 😉

So basically this post is going to be me talking about how great my country is (Regardless of the current Administration.)

The United States Of America:

George Washington, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, and Samuel Adams. Only very few of the intelligent founding fathers of this amazing nation.

Henry Ford started the first line of mass produced, every-day car that every one could afford. Thomas Edison mostly credited for his creation of the light bulb, but also helped along the Telephone (Campbell), as well as many other scientific inventions.

Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein.

All of the soldiers, freedom fighters. Who, without them, we would never be here.

The countless, unnamed great Americans.

These are just a few of the incredible founders of this nation. American by birth, life, and death. Those who were not American by birth made it up in their life.

Welcoming, “the great melting pot.” We are a symbol of freedom. We are a symbol of opportunity, chance for a better life. As Winston Churchill said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” We are the optimists. We see the opportunity.

And now, we have “high ways”, “cellphones” and other things unimaginable at the time of our founding. One of the youngest, yet one of the most developed (1st world.) The United States of America is certainly unique. Even just looking at the things we take for granted too often you  have to think to yourself “Wow, America is amazing.”

We push back against evil, to uphold peace and security. And how much the world has benefited from our existence?

Without America we’d all be speaking German and Japanese. Or maybe Russian? Nah, the terrorists would have blown everyone up by now anyway, so it wouldn’t matter what language we spoke.

God in our Nation:

Our nation was not founded “just cause”, mind you. Our founders where convinced of the Christian faith. As George Washington said “Without God, this country will fail.” And John Adams said “The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity”

So if you love your country, leave a comment. 😉 Oh yeah, by the way, he was an American soldier, saved by God.




  1. Wait! That chart puts America splat in the middle with Autralia highest! :-/

    1. Yeah I know, I think it’s mostly because of our current administration.

      But regardless, we still live in a really cool country. 😉 🙂 😀

  2. GO BEN! YEAH! AMERICA! YES! Good stuff.

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