Is Google a good search engine or a political machine? Well news not so recent and recent news proposes that Google is a political machine.

“Last month Washington’s political set, always ready for a good gossip, were sent into a flurry of chattering by news that Google had registered a political action committee (PAC) with the US federal election commission.” –The Guardian October 24th, 2006

So in 2006 Google made a political action committee (PAC). What does that mean? Why would a search engine need a PAC? What use would it be to them? Well:

“Google’s newly hired team leader for political sales, Peter Greenberger, explained how attendees could use online ads and other services from Google to help their candidates win.” -The Wall Street Journal July 20th, 2007

So I don’t know about you, but, it sounds like a political machine already. Would they, through Political Action Committees, and endorsing political candidates, be doing it for money? But in the same article (WSJ) it says that these advertisements would be “free.” B-b-b-but why?

“There is an increasing body of evidence that Google may be less concerned about promoting a free, open and ‘democratic’ Internet, and more concerned with promoting a regulated Internet for the benefit of ‘Democrats.'” –Scott Cleland January, 2007

“Is ‘Net Neutrality’ needed to keep the Internet free and open? Or is it a trojan horse that will lead to government control of the Web? And why are tech leaders like Google promoting a regulatory philosophy developed by avowed Marxists who want to abolish digital property rights?

The Heartland Institute’s James Lakely joins us to discuss the findings of his new policy study, Neutralism: The Strange Philosophy Behind the Net Neutrality Movement.

He exposes the radical background of the net neutrality movement, and the implications it could have on innovation, investment and individual freedom if enacted.” Investors Business Daily October 15th, 2009

Mr. Cleland says that it has become something for the democrats. Investors Business Daily (IBD) says that they are Marxists who want to manage the internet. Please note that China manages the internet, scans citizens computers at will and so on. And Google cooperates with them.

“The election of Barack Obama as president ushered in a new era of regulatory zeal in Washington, with both Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) determined to solve alleged problems with access to and management of the Internet. Advocates of “network neutrality” have the federal government’s ear and seem closer than at times past to achieving their goal of greater government control over the Internet. Their success would change the online experience of every American.” The Heartland Institute October 5th, 2009

So that’s all I have to say, Google is turning into a search engine that controls what you see to support their views, for greater government control of the internet. Now the government will know what you search for, and regulate what is said.



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