Reality Or Illusions?

Recently, a press conference with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was held. One problem, the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce were impostors. Part of a group called the “Yes Men”.

They were caught by a real member of the Chamber of Commerce (US Chamber of Commerce Director of Communications Eric Wohlschlegel). Wohlschlegel asked for the impostor’s business card for identification. And said that everyone could direct the questions to him instead. (All in the video.)

In the end, no identification for the impostor was produced. Because he had none. (Might be why we call him an impostor. ;-))

The impostor gave some answers to questions before he was caught. A lot of the media posted the information given by the impostor. And later found out it was a hoax.

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Monday said that a press release declaring the group had dropped its opposition to climate change legislation was a hoax.

The fake press release, which declared the Chamber had done an “about-face on climate policy” following the defection of prominent members, was briefly picked up by Reuters and several other media organizations.” FOX News October 19th, 2009

Also, if you notice, at the bottom of the video there’s an add “Have the Yes Men come speak at your school.” Do you want liars and impostors coming to your schools to talk to your children? Absolutely not. These men and women are fakes and frauds. How tragic it is they have to lie to promote their agenda. They’re so misguided that they think this video is promoting them.

The Chamber of Commerce should press charges. And the FOX article said that the “group would call for law enforcement to investigate.” So they’re on the right track.

Plus, the Chamber of Commerce’s membership’s has increased lately because of their stance on the climate change bill.



One comment

  1. Rock on man!
    What’s the world comming to when you can’t trust what’s in the news
    Put them in jail

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