American Newspapers

So how is the American newspaper business? Who’s on top?

So the top three are the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the New York Times. But really, it’s neck and neck with USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. And even then, the Wall Street Journal is the only one (on that list) that has had a positive outcome since last year.

The Wall Street Journal, is one newspaper that I really appreciate. And one that I check daily. Their facts are on average well presented. Their analysis is excellent and usually balanced. (Some analyses sometimes reflect too much opinion. [Unless, of course you’re reading an opinion article :-D])

Even when you can tell that, that article has a tang in favor of one way or the other. They still at least give you the facts and let you decide for yourself.

For the most part, I can’t say too much about a lot of the other newspapers. But many newspapers such as the New York Times (AKA according to Mark Levin “The New York Slimes”) and the Washington Post (AKA “The Washington Compost”) are under heavy criticism for large bias’ towards certain party candidates, and not reporting some important facts because of their endorsement.

And as you may have heard, newspapers are still dying. But why? Because of technology. Now-a-days you can just go find news off the internet, or off of your phone. There are so many new ways to get news that the “good ‘ol paper” is having a hard time surviving.

While papers like the Wall Street Journal are selling 2 million copies a day. I’m not surprised. The people want straight talk, we’re getting tired of this “beating around the bush” or even “beating the Bush”. We just want to know what’s happening in our world, and the easiest way to get news, wins.



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