You Win Some You Lose Some

Tuesday we had our 09 elections, let’s look at the results.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s Gubernatorial election brought GOP Christopher Christie into the scene. Beating Democratic incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine by a 5% margin. Quite a victory considering NJ’s history with governors.

Christopher Christie


Former Attorney General Bob McDonnell was elected Governor, rising above DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s hand picked Creigh Deeds by a 17% margin. An even more surprising victory.

New Jersey and Virginia were statements in favor of ending the nonsense.

Bob McDonnell

New York

Democrat Bill Owens succeeded Conservative Doug Hoffman by only 3%. And that was only because Republican Moderate Dede Scozzafava left at the eleventh hour and put her support behind Owens. New York was unfortunate, but Hoffman did surprisingly well for coming out of the blue. Not a lot of people had ever heard of him, but they liked his Reaganism. He probably would have made it if Scozzafava hadn’t put her support behind Owens, guess it just goes to show where she really stood.

(L-R) Owens, Hoffman, Scozzafava

Pelosi told reporters, “From our perspective, we won last night.”  Some of her fellow democrats think that she might be loosing sight of reality.

More than a few Democrats in Congress are perplexed and worried that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is insisting on ramming through a 1,900-page health care bill on Saturday, just days after her party took heavy losses in Tuesday’s elections. “It reminds me of Major Nicholson, the obsessed British major in the film ‘Bridge on the River Kwai,'” one Democrat told me. “She is fixated on finishing her health care bridge even as she’s lost sight of where it’s going and what damage it could cause to her own troops.” The Wall Street Journal, November 5, 2009

Ever notice this sort of circle we go in? Let’s start with Jimmy Carter, then we had Ronald Reagan we liked him so much after two terms we elected his Vice President George H.W. Bush. Then we had Bill Clinton, and then George W. Bush and now Barrack Obama.

Notice the trend? We have a great president like Ronald Reagan, get spoiled, forget, elect Bill Clinton, remember, elect George W. Bush, get spoiled, forget, elect Barrack Obama. And now these elections are leaning toward the GOP once again. We’re coming full circle.

Whether or not Pelosi and her crowd think the election meant anything, it did. The sun is setting on the day of the extreme democratic bonanza. And the day of the Reagan conservative is almost here once again.



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