Major Problem

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan murderer of 13, injurer of 30, terrorist. On Thursday this so-called soldier opened fire in a room full of young engineers preparing for deployment in Afghanistan after Christmas. Killing members of the military of the country he swore to protect. This wolf in sheep’s clothing is just one of 40 Muslim soldiers in Fort Hood. The only thing that set him apart was he took the words of his religion literally, the way they’re supposed to be taken.

Pistol used by

"Five-seveN" Tactical Pistol

Fortunately, his battle only lasted four minutes. Until, Texan Policewoman Sgt. Kimberly Munley rushed in and had a face-to-face battle with Hasan. Which resulted in her wounding Hasan, taking him down, and had a wound of her own. One of the weapons used by the Major was a tactical pistol, not issued by the Army. One website describes capabilities of that pistol being able to penetrate “most body armor in military service around the world today.”

Major Hasan

Major Hasan wasn’t completely void of suspicion. He started giving things away, bookcases and the like, emptying his apartment. Investigation officials are “close to 100%” certain he posted on the Internet defending suicide bombing. On top of that, just before opening fire he shouted “Allahu Akbar!” Which translates from Arabic to English as “Allah is great!”

This man was nothing more than a Muslim terrorist who wanted to “go out in flames,” as most terrorists do. By doing that their religion says that they will go to Heaven. He’s probably not happy that he didn’t die, now he’s recovering from his wounds. But still, what kind of religion tells you that in order to go to Heaven you have to kill others in the process?

And why weren’t his radical views weren’t discovered before this? Well,

Military personnel don’t have to disclose their religions, and many officials believe the actual number of Muslim soldiers may be at least 10,000 higher than the Pentagon statistics. For instance, the military ‘Officer Record Brief’ of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the suspect in the Fort Hood shootings, said he had ‘no religious preference’ and didn’t identify him as a Muslim.” FOX News November 7, 2009

This one incident, described to be “the worst soldier-on-soldier violence in U.S. military history,” could have been much worse without people like Sgt. Kimberly Munley. The description, though, is a wrong description. It was not “soldier-on-soldier” it was “terrorist-on-soldier.” The term “terrorism” as defined by U.S. Law “means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents;” This was a terrorist act on American grounds. Hasan wasn’t just angry or “misunderstood” he was a terrorist.

Policewoman Sgt. Kimberly Munley

Pray for the families of the victims of Maj. Hasan, pray for Sgt. Munley the people who die to protect us, and pray for Maj. Hasan.




  1. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims, their families and friends.

    From all the news reports it appears this Major is a career military man and that in his current position for less than a year and was not going well. He did not want to be deployed and in fact wanted out of the Army, so he paid back his military student loans and hired an attorney.

    The reason may have been that he was being harassed and called names like “camel jockey ”. I guess all that sensitivity training for those with bigotry tendencies are all for not. (Can training real change the way you were brought up?)

    Another reason is called PTSD by proxy, the stress of treating PTSD in other soldiers make you go a little crazy yourself. Its even more stressful because most of the higher ranks don’t even believe in such thing as PTSD. Their denial prompts them to tell suffering soldiers to “drink it off.” Some civilians in the defense dept feel the same way no doubt IMO, it’s why hardly anything is mentioned of PTSD until one of these violent episodes occurs. These people see PTSD as a cop-out or an excuse. First we need to have an understanding that PTSD actually is real before we can ever hope to help treat it (does anyone believe that being shot at or killing your fellow man is not going to affect you in some way either then or in the future?). I guess with the high soldier suicide rate before and after deployment kinda takes care of the complaints from coming in (so those who said he should have just killed himself, well that’s already happening ). What real ticked me off when I heard that the military was trying to say that some soldiers coming back from this war with PTSD or other psychological disorders had “Pre-Existing Conditions” and that the military would not pay to treat them, I think it has been corrected but what a bunch of [expletive deleted by blog owner] they break you and don’t want to pay.

    The final issue is why does the military want to keep people in their ranks that no longer want to be there is it just sheer number? I mean is it ten percent, twenty percent. Is it that it is the only contract in the US that you can’t get out of unless to kill yourself or kill your fellow soldiers? It does not make any sense to me.

    I guess the Major could just be another wacko like Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nicholas, of course McVeigh was executed and apparently because Nicholas became a Christian he received a life sentenced. I real think if he gets that far the Major will get the former and not in a million years the latter.

    This is so messed up, hopefully they will make some changes that make sense.

    1. Montana,
      Please present solid sources for your statements. I have not heard of him being called “camel jokey” or any of the sort. Even if he had been called names, I’ve heard that Hitler’s mom thew rocks at him (no source for this either). But still, that doesn’t justify Hitler participating in genicide. In the same way, Major Hasan had no right to murder 13 people and injure 30 just because someone called him a name at some point.

      And your point about PTSD cannot be taken seriously until you cite some credible sources. And even still, your point about the Military not treating soldiers due to “Pre-Existing Conditions” it just goes to show how well your government can do health care.

      With the facts I presented in my post there is a clear sign Major Hasan is a terrorist. He shouted the terrorist chant, he defended suicide bombings, and on top of that, he killed his fellow man at a military base. He is a terrorist.

      I appreciate your input. But next time please cite some sources.


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