Veterans Day

As you probably know today is Veterans Day. The day we honor all of the soldiers who served in the United States armed forces. A holiday established in remembrance of the November 11, 1919 ceasefire. And of course, to honor our Veterans. It was established a national legal holiday in 1938. FOX News reported today that there are 23.2 million veterans in the United States. 2.6 million from WWII, 2.8 million from the Korean war, 7.8 million from the Vietnam war, 5.2 million from the Gulf war, and finally, 1.7 million from Iraq and Afghanistan (the war on terror). And, in fact, there is one remaining veteran from WWI, 108-years-old. He began service when he was 16 and also served in WWII, POW of the Japanese.

23.2 million great Americans who fought for this country. 23.2 million Americans who bravely faced our enemies. 23.2 million Americans who we are proud to call Americans, who can bear the name of American in one way many of us could never comprehend.

At one point in my trip to Belarus, we met an elderly lady who was a child during the Second World War. She was confined by the Nazi’s in a Concentration Camp. Until she was freed by U.S. troops fighting socialism. She instructed us,


Please, when you go home, and see American soldier, thank him for saving my life.”

If any Veterans are reading, thank you for serving your country.

Happy Veterans Day,


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