How Low Can He Go?

When you think of someone bowing, what does that mean to you? Submission to a hierarchy. When sovereign heads of state are meeting, there is no need for submission.

Will Obama get this? Twice now he has bowed before the head of another country. You can see from the two above pictures, those are pretty obvious bows.

When our president bows before the head of another country, that doesn’t mean that Barrack Obama is submitting to them, it means that he’s submitting America to their power. American Thinker reported that virtually anyone who teaches etiquette says to never combine a bow with a handshake. And in the particular case of the Japanese emperor, in Japan, people greet each other with bows and the other returns the bow. But the emperor bows to no one, so Obama received no return bow. As you can see the emperor is smiling, this is often an expression of embarrassment among the Japanese (facts from American Thinker.)

Barrack Obama is ruining the the dignity of the prestigious position of President. His ignorance continually comes through in his actions.

When will he stop misrepresenting America? How low can he go? That, is only a question Obama can answer.



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