“Oops”, not a word that you want to hear from your federal government. Unfortunately, they are. The federal government was recently boasting about 640,329 jobs created or saved. These numbers have been under question lately. So far we’ve found the government boasting about 30 jobs in the 15th congressional district in Arizona (for the price of $761,420). ABC News reports One problem, there are only eight congressional districts in Arizona. Investors Business Daily says that there are similar cases of job fraud in Kansas, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Ohio, Minnesota and West Virginia.

The government’s response? Board spokesman Ed Pound says, “Human beings make mistakes.” While this may be true, why do we suddenly recognize it? This stimulus was flawless until we looked a little closer. Although, in the instance of a CEO who couldn’t keep his bookkeeping straight, and made these kinds of claims. He’d be arrested for fraud, frog-marched from his office, tried, convicted and left to rot in jail. But as soon as the government does something like this it’s passed off because of human error? This is just plain ridiculous.

When will they stop? They act like a bunch of children trying to get away with something. And as soon as we catch them they jump to “we’re only human.” The only thing that separates them from children is that they run the nation.



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