Pearl Harbor

Today we are to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. An attack by the Empire of Japan which was intended to neutralize our U.S. Pacific Fleet. An attempt which ended in the death of 2,402 military personnel. And resulted in: 4 battleships sunk, 4 battleships damaged including 1 run aground, 2 destroyers sunk 1 damaged, 1 other ship sunk, 3 damaged 3 cruisers damaged. And (according to Martin Gilbert, The Second World War, 1989 pg. 272), 4 midget submarines sunk, 1 midget submarine run aground, 27 aircraft destroyed, 55 airmen killed 9 submariners killed, 1 submariner captured. The next day after the attacks, Japan released the official declaration of war on the U.S. and Britain.

Today we remember the men who fought and died that day, defending against the Japanese. Let us never forget the brave.



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