The Copenhagen climate conference started recently. UNfortunately things didn’t start out quite as planned. Conn Carroll with the Heritage Foundation says that non-governmental registrants (for the conference) had to wait more than 8 hours in the cold before being allowed in. How can this be? Carroll explains, “despite some two years of planning, the United Nations organizers failed to come up with a way to fit the 45,000 people they registered for the conference into the 15,000 person capacity Bella Center. Oops.”

Oops indeed, UNfortunately, this word applies altogether too well with the UN. Rupert Cornwell with The Independent in 1993 explained:

In the name of a dwindling band of Desert Storm allies, Tomahawk cruise missiles may again be about to rain on Baghdad. Bosnia is being slowly left to die, while Somalia is turning into a shooting gallery. The reputation of the United Nations, once so bright with promise, is in tatters.

And that was in 1993. Reuters reported (this year) there was a “declaration issued four years ago by a summit of more than 150 world leaders asserting the ‘responsibility to protect’It was a somewhat belated response to widespread criticism of the United Nations for failing to stop massacres in Rwanda and Bosnia in the 1990s.” A declaration by which, if the government of the certain country was not concerned with the said (presumably human rights) problem, then other UN’ers would advise -and if necessary- intervene with force.

Reuters continues, “In the real world, U.N. officials say, that is not going to happen, at least under the peacekeeping rules that have applied in recent decades. These do not authorize U.N. forces to go to war against the national army of a sovereign state — a move that would amount to invasion.” The UN officials are even saying that this is a useless action. They’re making these policies, even then they themselves even know that it will not work. Moreover, their useless solution is to go to war, which the UN is supposed to try to prevent. They know better than this.

Recently, last year, Google News took the Inner City Press by Matthew Lee off of their news list for searches. The Inner City Press covers mostly reports on the UN and it’s happenings. What’s the connection between these two? The report continues in saying, “Over the last couple of years, Lee has proved to be a constant — and controversial — thorn in the U.N.’s side.” So, as soon as he was informed of his discontinuation from Google News, “Lee immediately suspected one thing: That someone at the UNDP had pressured Google into “de-listing” him from Google News”.

The UN is –as Justin Darr once coined the phrase— UNsuccessful, UNethical and UNeeded. So the next time your stuck in a long line, just remember it’s not as bad as waiting 8 ours in the cold just because the organizers (who had two years to plan) couldn’t fit 3 times more people in than normal in their planned facility.



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