Let it Snow!

I hope all of those world leaders at Copenhagen (to talk about global warming) brought their big coats and snow boots. Why would they do that? There supposed to be talking about global warming, right? Well, Bloomberg reported yesterday that, overnight, 4 inches of snow was heaved upon Denmark (where the talks are being held). And apparently, the first white Christmas in Denmark in 14 years. But, Shhhhh! Were talking about global warming!

Since Christmas is just one week away, let’s sing along with Russ Vaughn from American Thinker:

Oh the weather in Denmark’s frightful,
But the irony’s so delightful,
That everywhere Al Gore goes,
It just snows and it snows and it snows.

When will Al ever see the light?
Will he ever go out in the storm?
Or does his tin hat still fit too tight?
And he still thinks the world’s gettin’ warm.

The conference is slowly dying,
And the moonbats are all good-bying,
Global warming has no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” American Thinker, December 18th, 2009

Perhaps they should open the door and let the hot air melt the snow…


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