Book Review: Liberty and Tyranny

Talk radio show host Mark R. Levin does an excellent job laying out the facts about Conservatism, Capitalism, Liberalism, Statism, the Constitution, and our government; in his latest book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. Besides quoting over 350 sources, he carefully explains to you historical events that have led to our current downfalls and triumphs.

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I added sub-sections under the chapter titles so that you can know what Mark Levin discusses in his book with a little more detail.

Chapter 1: On Liberty and Tyranny

God-given rights,
Modern Liberal= Statist, Government authority Vs. Individual Liberty,
New Deal/Franklin Roosevelt,
Statist Vs. Conservative.

Chapter 2: On Prudence and Progress:

Revolutionary War/Declaration of Independence,
Founders on prudence,
Statism removes liberty to try to achieve Utopia,
Media tool of the Statist/Statist attempts complete control of all media.

Chapter 3: On Faith and Founding:

Man searches for creator (God),
Declaration of Independence talks about God/natural and moral law necessary for God-given rights,
Religion/freedom of religion/Religion linked to Conservatism and Statism, etc.

Chapter 4: On the Constitution:

Constitution applicable to all generations,
The Constitution is cornerstone to America,
Constitution obstacle to the Statist/Constitution not applicable to Statist views,
“Realism”/Constitutional interpretations,

Chapter 5: On Federalism:

States Rights Vs. Federal Government,
Federalism obstacle to the Statist,
Statist past federal abuse/oppression of African-American, etc,
Federal Vs. National Constitution.

Chapter 6: On the Free Market:

The Free Market/private property needed to understand the free market,
Statist creates class-struggle/creates progressive income tax on wealthy/taxes,
Statist regulation of economy/Statist decides what’s right for the public (or what is moral),
4 Events that led to the housing bust,
Federal spending/deficit,
Statist regulations have negative impact and ignores consequences,
Jobs/free trade/outsourcing,
Franklin Roosevelt/stimulus packages,
Free market=freedom.

Chapter 7: On the Welfare State:

Social Security,
Nationalized Health Care.

Chapter 8: On Enviro-Statism:

Statist’s create fake problems,
Statist teaches people that they are the cause of fake problem,
Statist attempts de-industrialize the country to “save the planet”,
CAFE regulations,
Urban planning (“smart growth”),
Global Warming.

Chapter 9: On Immigration:

Legal Vs. Illegal immigration,
The Hart-Celler act,
Right of illegal immigrants (children, etc),
Immigrant facts (population percentages, etc),
Hispanics/Immigrant income,
Illegal disease/illegal immigrant health care,
Devotion to home country Vs. commitment to US.

Chapter 10: On Self-Preservation:

National security,
Iraq/Afghanistan/terrorist threats,
Victory or defeat/”war of choice”,
Statist strives for the impossible (Utopia)/ cannot succeed,
Statist opposes methods of obtaining information for national security,
Statist attempts to criminalize war.

Epilogue: A Conservative Manifesto:


  1. Taxation
  2. Environment
  3. Judges
  4. The Administrative State
  5. Government Education
  6. Immigration
  7. Entitlements
  8. Foreign Policy and Security
  9. Faith
  10. The Constitution

Overall Rating:

(Five thumbs-up=excellent.)



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