Crash Pad

Perhaps the Wall Street Journal put it best when they said “The last time there was this much excitement about a tablet it had some commandments written on it.” But Apple’s new iPad might not be as much of a hit as Steve Jobs would like it to be.

Look familiar? Yeah, it’s an oversized iPhone, isn’t it? At 9.7 inches, 1.5 pounds, and half an inch thick, it’s way ahead of our time when it comes to pockets. Apparently, designers just never understood the hints from Apple to make those 10-inch pockets until now.

Here’s my question: what’s the point? What does it do that most technology doesn’t do already? It does e-books (Amazon Kindle/Barns&Noble Nook), it can play music (iPod, MP3 player, CD player, etc.) It can play games (Nintendo gameboy, iPhone etc.) It can access the internet (smart-phones, iPhone.) Oh, and by the way, the iPad does not have flash while surfing the web, just like the iPhone. What does it do? Nothing new. There is basically zero innovation in the iPad.

Steve Jobs even admits that pretty much everybody, these days, has a laptop and/or a smart-phone. And also admitted that he would have to convince consumers that they need a new device. So, what is his rational? He argues that his new device is “so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone.” What on earth is that supposed to mean? The world may never know…

What kind of price do you have to pay for one of these iPhats + zero innovation?

16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
Wifi $499.00 $599.00 $699.00
Wifi + 3G $629.00 $729.00 $829.00

That means that if you just want to be able to hook up to the internet everywhere, that’s an extra $130. And $30 to AT&T a month for the service. The fact is, consumers just aren’t going to buy a product that they don’t need right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s “more intimate”, you use what you have. They can offer a keyboard for the iPhat, or whatever. But laptops have a keyboards and use flash, the iPad isn’t enough.  And yesterday Forbes magazine reported that consumers spent modestly last month.  At times like these, in order to sell a product well, it’s got to be really, really cool, innovative, and something consumers need. And the iPhat just simply isn’t enough.


16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
Wifi $499.00 $599.00 $699.00
Wifi + 3G $629.00 $729.00 $829.00

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