What Planet is That?

(Click on the links for previous posts on the dangers of health care, and its Constitutionality.)

The health care bill passed through the House of Representatives by a razor thin margin of 219 to 212. All Republicans voted against the bill and most Democrats voted for it. Many say that this is probably the most clear cut, partisan vote ever taking place.

Now you’ve probably heard a few terms thrown around, like: “Reconciliation”, “Slaughter Solution”, etc. And are wondering about the different bills, who passed what, etc. I think Representative John Carter (R-TX) has a good explanation of all this HERE. (Note: This video is 1 our and 8 minutes long, the first 20 minutes is really all you need. The rest is answers to constituent’s questions.)

What are the effects on insurance companies? Well, Rush Limbaugh had an insurance worker on his radio show Tuesday. Right now, insurance companies are required to have (what they call) a 65-45. Which means that 65% of their budget is reserved for claims and 45% is for everything else (building maintenance, salaries, taxes, etc.) And any company that uses a different percentage for it’s budget is considered unstable (companies are required by law to have the 65-45.) The health care bill mandates that this be changed to an 85-15. Which makes every insurance company in the United States unstable. With 85% going to claims, that only leaves the companies 15% for everything else, including the 40% increase in taxes under the bill.

In addition, all insurance companies will be required to allow customers “prevention services” for free. The problem is, nothing is free. The insurance companies will be paying through the nose in order to pay for this. And from the company’s perspective, every costumer is a negative gain. Because every customer you gain means more money, which equals more taxes. And every customer gained is another customer you have to provide “preventative services” for. Most companies will not fair long in this situation, because it simply can’t be done.

Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius recently said that their “strategy” is to reduce drug companies profit. She says that “the strategy” will reduce profits by 90 billion dollars. That’s 90 billion dollars less research, testing, production, and jobs. Where are all of these “economic benefits” claimed by Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama? Where are they? They will not exist. Between the drug manufacturers and insurance companies, they will not exist.

Do Americans really want the government take-over of health care? Let’s look at some statistics. CBS News poll: 37%. Bloomberg: Favor 38%. CNN: Favor 39%. Rasmussen: Favor 41%. And this is after it’s signed. Then, out of the blue, this USA Today/Gallup poll says that 40-49% are in favor. The truth is, this is not something that the people want, the people did not change their opinion overnight.

According to Gallup in March, President Obama has reached an all time low in his approval ratings since taking office. As the chart shows, his approval is down at 48%, and is disapproval is at 46%.

A recent Rasmussen report says that 64% of Americans think that Congress is doing a poor job. (The second-lowest rating for the legislatures to earn in the same time period. 71% was the lowest rating.) The report also said that 41% think that members of Congress are corrupt. And 33% beg to differ.

Clearly the approval ratings for Congress, the President, and the health care bill itself are much lower than popular. Many say that the Democrats are committing political suicide. (While try to cheer themselves up with psudo polls.) Government-based health care just cannot work, as we’ve seen in a previous post, other countries have already tried, and failed.

Vice President Joe Biden says, “I’m telling you, you know, pre-existing [conditions], they’re going to be covered. You know we’re going to control the insurance companies,” and Representative Dingell said that the health care bill will eventually, “control the people”. No wonder this isn’t something Americans want. Whether or not the insurance companies are bad does not warrant the government (a bad solution) to involve itself.

Mona Charen with National Review said:

Particularly at a time when the battered economy is taking its first tentative steps toward recovery, a responsible government would seek to reduce debt, ease the burdens on businesses, and refrain from introducing more instability and putting unpredictable new burdens on taxpayers.

Instead, the Democrats have charged ahead with their social-democratic vision of a Europeanized America. The past several months have removed any doubt that the Democrats are willing to risk national bankruptcy in pursuit of their white whale — nationalized health care.” National Review March 23, 2010

Are the Democrats worried? Some are, and some aren’t. The “aren’t” group includes people like Joe Biden. What planet do they live on? Don’t ask me, only the next election can answer that question.



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