News This Weak?

This is a summary of the news this week, June 20-June 26.


President Obama met with Russian President Dimtry Medvedev over a diplomatic hamburger to talk about helping Russia join the World Trade Organization (WTO.) “Not quite healthy,” noted Medvedev on the hamburger, but “you can feel the spirit of America.”

General Stanley McChrystal recently resigned as leader of the forces in Afghanistan. General David Petraeus was nominated to fill that position but has yet to be approved by the senate.

The Group of 20 leaders began meetings in Toronto, Canada today to discuss when to stop economic stimulus spending and crafting new capital standards for banks. President Obama said that the summit’s highest priority should be safeguarding the “recovery” by learning “from the consequential mistakes of the past when stimulus was too quickly withdrawn and resulted in renewed economic hardships.” But it is important to note that stimulus packages (if 100% efficient, which they’re not) have a sum-zero effect on any economy. Because the government is taking money out of the economy just to put it back saying that their “boosting” the economy.

President Obama urged lawmakers to pass the financial-overhaul bill (i.e. regulations.) “In recent months, they’ve spent millions of dollars and hired an army of lobbyists to stop reform dead in its tracks,” Obama said. “But because we refused to back down, and kept fighting, we now stand on the verge of victory.” The funny thing is, Obama wants to pass this bill to “empower our people with consumer protections” that will boost the economy. But who are the lobbyists that he talked about earlier? Who is “they”? Isn’t “they” the people representing themselves (as lobbyists)? And who is Obama beating when he talks about “the verge of victory”? The people lobbying against the bill?

International Affairs

Mexico wants to sue Arizona for its new immigration law. But it is important to note that Mexico’s immigration laws are more strict than the ones Arizona is enforcing. Is it possible for a foreign country to sue a smaller entity of another country? It would have to happen in an international court, if anything.

People gathered around and cheered as a statue of former soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was removed from its foundation in Gori, Georgia, the birthplace of Stalin himself. The statue will be replaced with a memorial of the five-day 2008 war with Russia, and the statue itself will go to the Stalin museum in Georgia.


Apple’s new iPhone 4 is all the hype like previous models. Lines and lines of people expecting a new device 25% thinner than its predecessors including a camera on both sides for video chatting, pictures and video recording.


The World Soccer Cup keeps getting more interesting. The United States advanced into the knockout rounds and faced Ghana today. The U.S. was knocked out of the World Cup, losing to Ghana 2-1.

2010 Wimbledon beheld a historic tennis match. John Isner of the United States and Nicolas Mahut of France played one match for 11 hours and five minutes, Isner winning 68-70 after suspending the match twice because of darkness.

News never dies, it’s whether or not we pay it any attention that matters.



One comment

  1. The Russian president got an iPhone 4 after his talk with Obama, apparently.

    So, the iPhone 4 is an amazing piece of technology that allows you to go great places and talk to great people… as long as you don’t hold it with your hand.

    😀 Thanks for the update, Ben!

    ><> Brian

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