What Are We Waiting For?

The new iPhone 4 came out with hype. The latest Motorola Droid X came out with serious competition. iPhone developments seem rather stagnant when compared to competitors.

Besides the fact that you can’t use your iPhone 4 if you hold it normally (see: creative solutions), AT&T is notorious for dropped calls and poor iPhone management in metropolitan areas. Alternatively, the Droid X has gone with Verizon, which has shown to be reliable at handling smarphone traffic.

Both phones have fast 1GHz processors and are close weight and size. But the Droid X has more storage capabilities. The iPhone 4 gives you the option of 16 or 32 GB of memory, while the Droid X has 8 GB internally and comes with a removable 16 GB microSD extension card pre-installed. You can add as much external memory to the Droid as you want.

An interesting keyboard feature with the Droid X is something called SWYPE. Which just means that you can put your finger on the first letter of the word you want to type, swipe and stop at the next letter and the next and the next without ever having to lift your finger. Then the Droid X does its best to assemble the word you “swyped” together.

In Cameras and Multimedia both phones have much more than the normal phone. The iPhone is equipped with a 5MP camera and 720p resolution high-definition video. While the Droid X has an 8MP camera and 720p resolution high-definition video. The only advantage the iPhone holds in this area is the front-facing video camera for video conferencing or other things like Skype. But, of course, how can you really utilize this when the reception is so bad? Besides, I don’t want to have any video conferences where I have to see up everyones nose.

Here’s something that will be make or break in competition. Adobe Flash. Neither of them have it right now, but the Droid X software update 2.2 is expected to. Giving Droid users access to hundreds and hundreds of websites, videos, songs, sounds and other media. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs says that Flash is not fit for the iPhone and doesn’t ever plan to make the iPhone compatible with it. But that’s missing the point, whether or not you think Adobe Flash is good enough for anything, you have to face the reality that hundreds and hundreds of websites use it.

Both phones have Wifi and 3G internet. But once again the Droid X comes out on top. Both phones can tether, (meaning you can connect it your computer and use it as an internet provider) but the Droid X can be used as a Wifi Hotspot (meaning it can broadcast Wifi signals that can be used by multiple computers.)

The new Motorola/Google Droid X is proving to be a formidable foe for the iPhone 4 (say that three times fast.) Apple is going to have to start selling more than hype and slick/cool equipment, they are going to have to start competing and improving. They were spoiled at first, sitting on top of the smartphone industry for years. But now is when we will see how Apple truly performs under competition. Can Apple keep up? Can other smartphones keep up? That is what we will find out.


Update July 22, 2010: New numbers show that the iPhone 4 is selling less than its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS.

Update July 22, 2010: Some Droid X users are experiencing issues with the screen: Flickering vertical lines. The problem effects less than one percent of the Droid X’s produced. This problem has been solved, and anyone having this problem can go to the Verizon store to exchange it for a new, working Droid X.


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