A Mosque by Any Other Name…

70% of Americans oppose the Ground Zero “Muslim community center” (mosque) and for a good reason. The issues are not tolerance or religious liberty, but rather, ignoring cultural sensitivities and allowing radical anti-American ideologies to prevail. And this is only the beginning.

While the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, fortunately, preserves the right to exercise religion, that right has not, and will not, be infringed by moving the mosque. For example, “It isn’t a violation of tolerance or religious liberty when a local zoning commission tells a church, or a synagogue, that it cannot build a sanctuary in the residential neighborhood” said Chuck Colson. “Parking issues, traffic, could adversely affect the neighborhood. So, local government can make a prudence decision to tell the church to build elsewhere.” There are over 140 mosques in New York, 30 mosques in Brooklyn alone, and 12 mosques in New York City. There are plenty of places for Muslims to worship, why must there be one right there? Some dismiss the controversy by identifying that the mosque will be built two blocks away. Somehow it makes it all better since they aren’t building the mosque in the holes of Ground Zero. There is a reason we have restrictions on where certain buildings may be placed in certain situations.

There is a reason that a liquor store has to be a certain distance away from a school building. The cultural sensitivity that alcohol and learning, developing children should not mix. While someone could say that not allowing guns into bars infringes their second amendment rights, there are cultural sensitivities that guns and alcohol should not mix. William McGurn with the Wall Street Journal wrote about a marvelous example of prudence in a similar situation during the early 1990s. Catholic Nuns moved to a building into an abandoned building at Auschwitz — a Nazi death camp — to pray for peace and the victims of the Holocaust. This outraged the Jewish community. Although the Nuns had a perfect right to be there, Pope John Paul II, recognizing Jewish sensitivities, ordered the Nuns to pray elsewhere.

It is impossible for the Muslims to be blind to the controversy surrounding their mosque. Truly peace loving Muslims would just move the mosque to a different location to avoid conflict and irritation. The Imam of the mosque, Feisal Abdul Rauf, and the claimed “father and visionary” has been understood to be “moderate.” But once you dig a little deeper you find that he has: Refuses to identify Hamas as a terrorist group (the word “Hamas” is derived from the Arabic phrase meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”), claimed that the U.S. has more Muslim blood on its hands than Muslims do of anyone else, been recorded using the N word, supports the violence of Osama Bin Laden, wants to submit the world to Sharia Law and respects Muslim leaders who endorse and defend the suicide attacks against Israelis, wife-beating, and the jihad terror group Hezbollah. Moderate? I would hate to see what we would call a “radical” Imam. By using Imam Rauf as the definition of a “moderate” Muslim, apparently that means racist, radical and violent.

Opposition to the mosque is an honest recognition that Islam has set its sights on the West and has already made violent attacks against the values that created the foundation for the United States.

Rock legend Ted Nugent minced no words in his recent article for Human Events:

Bottom line: I don’t trust the proposed Muslim mosque to be a holy bastion of peace, understanding, tolerance and love of others. The mosque will attract extremists and radicals who will try to harm America. If you want to see how tolerant Muslims are just have a bunch of Christians stand on the sidewalk in front of the mosque and hand out Christian literature.” Ted Nugent with Human Events, August 22, 2010

The mosque is not a problem in and of itself, but rather it is the ideas and Muslims behind this mosque who express the same radical views we are fighting against. While it is true that there are many peaceful Muslims, that is, many of them don’t put their beliefs into practice. The people who do put their beliefs into practice are the people we are fighting against. Most of the peaceful Muslims do not support the mosque at ground zero, they see the problems and irritation it will cause.

When jihadists danced at the sight of the collapsing twin towers, they weren’t shaking the sand out of their clothes, they were celebrating  their religious achievement. When Constantinople fell to the Turkish Muslims in 1453 (renamed by them to Istanbul) they built mosques and palaces to further glorify their achievement and religion. In 637 A.D. when the Muslims battled and conquered Jerusalem, they constructed a mosque to glorify their victory and religion.

Constantinople was named after the Christian Roman Emperor Constantine, and that city was a massive trading center, just like the World Trade Centers that were destroyed in 2001. Jerusalem was a major place of Jewish (that is, “the infidels”) worship, but then the Temple Mount was destroyed and now a Mosque stands on that very ground. When you buy a postcard of the capital of Turkey, it doesn’t say “Constantinople” it says “Istanbul.” When you see a postcard from Jerusalem, what do you see? The shiny golden dome of the mosque they built there. Muslims, in effect, erased the history of those places by changing their essence.

A mosque would be seen by radical Muslims (like Imam Rauf) as glorifying their religion and victory. For example, one of the donations to the mosque came from an individual who has also donated to the terrorist group Hamas. Imam Dawood Kringle (an admirer of Imam Rauf) also proved the point when he said that the mosque would be “a tangible manifestation and demonstration of the spiritual principles of Islam as applied to everyone’s lives.”

Muslim religious leaders are not pushing the mosque because they can’t find a good place to swim, it is a “tangible manifestation” of their religion and its accomplishments. As we remember (and radicals celebrate) the thousands of people killed by those strictly following the Muslim religion, what will we say? As we remember  who made those seven story deep holes where the 110 story Twin Towers used to stand — which now serves as a scar and a disgrace to America — how will we act? Remember, this is only the beginning.



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