Vote for a Change

While President Barrack Obama figures out how to get his teleprompter to fit in his travel bag so he can show the Indian parliament how it’s done, the early voting has started. Unfortunately, fraud has started along with it.

One woman in Nevada went to vote on Tuesday only to find her ballot with Harry Reid’s name already checked. Apparently this happened to many people, Harry Reid’s name is automatically checked unless the voter manually changes it to say otherwise. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.” Said Joyce Ferrara.

In another incident, absentee ballots were mailed to the campaign manager of one of the candidates, and also a volunteer for the Democratic state committee. They were receiving the ballots because of a misleading letter that read, “Tim Percico and Paul Hampel only pick up mail.” This situation is obviously ripe for fraud.

Sam Laughinghouse in another county faced issues of his own. He checked the boxes for all Republican candidates in his area, and the electronic voting machine displayed a ballot that had all the boxes for Democratic candidates checked. After calling an election clerk over and fixing the ballot five times did it finally come through correctly. And the same problem was reported by others.

The return address on over 200 absentee ballot applications directed receivers to 1238 North Avenue Bridgeport. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong, 1238 N. Avenue Bridgeport happens to be a vacant lot. Although I would find over 200 absentee ballots coming from any one place suspicious.

While people all over the country are facing fraud, soldiers from Illinois don’t even get a chance. That’s right, 35 districts in Illinois missed the deadline to mail out ballots for our servicemen, but at the same time have ensured that all prisoners in the Cook County jail have a chance to choose the next people who make policy decisions. (Should prisoners really be allowed to vote anyway?) The Chicago Board of Elections has hand delivered ballots, without prior application, to over 2,600 prisoners who have cast their votes.

These are only a few examples of the voter fraud that are known. And the polls have only been open for 4 days. I wonder how many cases we don’t know about? This is just the beginning of the elections, it may very well be the only the beginning of fraud.

Is this a democracy, or a dictatorship? Do the people get to choose our next policy makers, or do only a few cons, frauds, and hacks? Our democratic system will only work if the people of a nation are choosing the nation’s leaders. So how do we maintain choice, freedom and democracy? By making sure your vote counts. If you don’t get out and vote, will an automatic machine be voting for you? If you don’t check the ballot once you’re done, how can you be sure the ballot goes through exactly the way you filled it out? If you don’t make sure your absentee ballot goes to the right place, will someone else be deciding weather or not to make your ballot count?

This fraud is a disgrace. America was the nation that brought Iraq democracy through elections in 2005, and now we are allowing a few frauds and cheats to decide for Americans across this country. We need to bring back democracy.

Deroy Murdock said with National Review today:

Step one is for the American people to march valiantly to the polls Tuesday and dislodge those who have brought the country to this point. Then, with a new Congress rededicated to limited government, public integrity, accountability, and the rule of law, the American people should demand photo-ID requirements at the polls, serious jail time for vote fraudsters, a rollback in absentee ballots and early voting, and other steps to establish voting norms worthy of the Home of the Brave.” –Deroy Murdock with National Review, October 29, 2010

Make your vote count. Join everyone as we restore democracy. Can we do it?

There’s no doubt about it. After all, we are Americans.


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