Idiosyncratic Autocratic Aberrations

Recent times have been pretty normal… President Obama said something fatuous, Schumer enlightens us on the new branches of government, and Gaddafi declares Obama his “BFF.”

Obama declared that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional and, therefore, should not be defended by the Justice Department.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Representative Jim Jordan said, “The Obama administration is making a tragic mistake in walking away from the defense of traditional marriage.” Because, “A community is only as strong as its most basic unit, the family.  Marriage is a cornerstone of the family.  Whenever American voters have had a chance to weigh in on the issue, they have voted to define marriage as what marriage has always been.”

Representative Jordan is right, but misses the point. Really, President Obama does not have the power to declare a 15 year-old law — that was democratically and legitimately passed — unconstitutional. That, I’m happy to say, is why we have something called a Judicial Branch. Although, Senator Charles Schumer would have everyone think otherwise.

“We have three branches of government — a House, a Senate [and a] President…” Priceless.

But I digress. The point is that Obama is not in the position to determine which laws (old or new) are constitutional and which aren’t. It is, shall we say, above his “pay-grade.” President Obama tends to forget from time to time (actually, quite often) that this country was based on freedom and representation by the people, not autocratic dictators who decide for the people.

Some have said that Obama was justified because of his sworn duty to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution. But his ability to fulfil that oath only goes so far. Just because one claims it is “defending the Constitution” does not mean that the president can do whatever he wants with any law he chooses. That’s precisely what the Founders did not want. David French with National Review explains this fact with clarity, “once a bill is enacted, a president should not make substantive constitutional decisions without considering appropriate constitutional processes. His primary constitutional role is to execute the laws, not adjudicate the laws, and his oath to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ the Constitution also means maintaining his proper role.” The president cannot “defend” the Constitution while breaking it.

Other than the fact that Obama can’t be a dictator, he has a very promising autocratic career ahead of him. The leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi (you know, the guy responsible for hundreds and hundreds Libyan deaths in the last few weeks and pays people to tolerate him) declared Obama to be his friend!

Now, ruling America is a black man from our continent, an African from Arab descent, from Muslim descent, and this is something we never imagined – that from Reagan we would get to Barakeh Obama [no kidding?]…He is someone I consider a friend. He knows he is a son of Africa. Regardless of his African belonging, he is of Arab Sudanese descent, or of Muslim descent. He is a man whose policy should be supported, and he should be assisted in implementing it in any way possible, since he is now leaning towards peace.” –Muammar Gaddafi, from Ynet News (Israeli source), April 17, 2010

But it appears that being best friends forever (BFF) is only temporary. Now that Obama is considering intervention and called Gaddafi to step down, Gaddafi is considering “unfriending.”

What’s so amusing about all this is that Obama acts like he can do these things but it doesn’t mean anything. In sum, the arguments between the Republicans and Democrats so far have been juvenile:

“Your law is unconstitutional!” (Health Care)
“Oh yeah! Well your law is unconstitutional!” (DOMA)
“Oh yeah!”

Tune in next time to hear more from the ever more inane and irresponsible snollygosters acting like sitting politicians.



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  1. Way to go Ben. Now I know where to get good wholesome sarcasm on politics. 😀 good article, good points, I agree.

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