Incongruous Drivel

Looks like the Gadhafi-Obama relationship is really over now. Obama keeps playing with the idea of “stopping” this wonderful friend of his and acting like Gadhafi is “stubborn” or something… He must listen to Johnnie Ray too much:

Don’t, be nice to me
Just because I’m your
Use to be
Forget me,
You don’t owe me a thing

My heart
Is crying now.
But it will laugh
Again somehow.
Forget me,
You don’t owe me a thing.

You lend your heart,
You never give,
I guess I should have known.
These teardrops fallin’
From my eyes
Are interest on a loan.” –Johnnie Ray, “You Don’t Owe Me A Thing.”

Gadhafi must not have “been there” for Obama, or otherwise he might rethink all this “human rights violation” stuff. In fact, the reason there is so much disorder in Obama’s decision must be because he is broken up about disparaging his close friend of “Muslim dissent.” This time things have gone a little further than “unfriending,” they have long-since erased any known signs of ever being BFF’s.

Obama twiddled his thumbs about Libya for quite some time before saying anything. Then suddenly, Obama decided to look decisive. Obama actually called for “installing a democratic system.” Boldly declaring, “It’s time for Gadhafi to go.” Then, more recently, Obama said, “We’re clarifying, as we’ve said repeatedly, that the effort of our military operation is not regime change.”

Not only is our president inconsistent with himself, but his co-workers (you know, those people who stand next to him when he speaks and actually do the things he talks about.) Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, when asked if there would be “boots on the ground,” he replied, “Not as long as I’m in this job.” I wonder how long he plans to keep his job…

While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, will tell you that Libya has been “reaching out” asking how they can comply, Obama says that they may “hunker down.” Sounds like the Obama Administration is not sure what they think. The perfect people to be running our wars, right?

While all this goes on, Russian Prime Minister (Vladimir Putin) tells people to pray for their souls and the Bolivian President (Evo Morales) joins Michael Moore in calling Obama to return his Nobel Peace Prize. After more people started to call for him to return it, he decided that he would keep his prize. But then, on Wednesday, mentioned that his Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, won the Nobel Prize in physics. Then he joked, “He actually deserves his Nobel Prize.” Sounds like Obama wants to keep it, but doesn’t think he deserves it. Maybe he feels guilty? Maybe he can’t even decide if he wants to keep it?

Better yet, Obama has recently added another award to his arsenal. This one is for governmental transparency. He now has accepted the award, in a closed and secret meeting that the White House had already postponed two weeks ago. Oh! The Irony! “I don’t want everyone to know about this ‘transparency award’ thing, okay?”

Anyway, Obama has decided (at least, we think he’s decided) to enter Libya on the basis that there are human rights violations that Obama “can’t” let happen. This he made clear in his recent address. And mostly, he has been following in the footsteps of nations who had the guts to make a decision early. The problem: If we should stop Libya on the basis of human rights violations, then we should also stop China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Haiti, yadda, yadda, yadda. Many countries have equal — or probably worse — violations of human rights than Libya.

There has been a recent question as to whether Obama must wait for Congressional approval. And under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, he does. But Clinton has brushed this issue off, saying that even if Congress says “uh-uh, no-way-Jose,” they will do it anyway.

Iraq and Afghanistan were initiated because we had been directly attacked, and Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world who was funding the terrorists who wanted to kill us. Is Gadhafi a threat to the world? Not really. Obama, though, claimed in his recent address, “Confronted by this brutal repression and a looming humanitarian crisis, I ordered warships into the Mediterranean.” Confronted with what? Who was confronted? You? What? Huh?

Don’t get it? Neither do I. Don’t try to understand it. Obama doesn’t even know why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Oh yeah, Happy April Fools Day… Hey, maybe Obama is just doing this whole “let’s save the world” crusade thing as the largest, most fulfilled April Fools joke in the history of man? Nah… Too much political face to loose for a joke…

Looks like Obama has joined the “war dogs” club. The big B.O. against the world:

Dogs of war and men of hate,
With no cause, we don’t discriminate.
Discovery is to be disowned,
Our currency is flesh and bone.
Hell opened up and put on sale,
Gather ’round and haggle.
For hard cash we will lie and deceive,
Even our masters don’t know the webs we weave.

One world, it’s a battleground
One world, and we will smash it down.
One world… One world.

Invisible transfers, long distance calls
Hallow laughter in marble halls.
Steps have been taken, a silent uproar,
Has unleashed the dogs of war.
You can’t stop what has begun,
Signed and sealed, they deliver oblivion.
We all have a dark side to say the least,
And dealing in death is the nature of the beast.” –Pink Floyd, “Dogs of War.”

I leave you informed and depressed.



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