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Debt Man Walking

The Democrats never proposed a plan of their own, they just sat in the peanut gallery and criticized Republican plans. The Republicans adjusted and adjusted their ideas until it was something neither party could live with — and passed it. What a load of silly fools we elected. It’s a shame they reflect those who elected them.

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This Weeks Miscellany

Some news items don’t deserve a full post. They’d be boring, or there’s just not that much to them. So this post is dedicated to all the midget stories — excuse me: Little news items. ITEM — Smucker’s in a Jam: This one is basically here because of the epic pun. J.M. Smucker Co. profits […]

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Dude, China’s So Rad!

Texas tried to do the only sane thing a state could do in the face of the TSA: Ban them. And what happened? A bunch of Feds showed up — probably dressed like mobsters — and threatened to cancel all flights to Texas if the bill passed. What a heart warming story. I wonder if […]

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