In Your DREAMs…

DREAM [d-reem, N] :: Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors :: A calamitous piece of legislations intended to help illegal children out of their distress, often with various and unaccounted for side effects.

It was a fantasy, pie in the sky, it was a DREAM. Interesting how some of the most harrowing legislation is often shielded with attractive names and pulchritudinous rhetoric. The DREAM died, fortunately for us. The DREAM act could have granted amnesty to 2.8 million illegal immigrants under the age of 15 who can show the government that they haven’t committed a felony. (And since the applicants are the one’s who provide the evidence, it wouldn’t be hard.)

Granting amnesty to minors only gives parents in Mexico (an other countries) an incentive to cross the border illegally to give their children a better life than hassle with legal immigration. While upstanding people wait for their visas, they get to watch other families walk right across the US border and give they’re children permanent citizenship. I would be interested, wouldn’t you? This laws doesn’t support following the law, it supports breaking it. If we passed bills like the DREAM act, they wouldn’t be laws, they would be anti-law laws. It’s ridiculous.

Some tried to appeal for the bill by saying that we need to give the poor little children a chance to live the American dream. How can anyone live the American dream in a lawless society? Why should we put the illegal above the legal? The American dream ought to be lived out by those who diligently work to follow the law, not those who break it.

Amnesty supporters claim that the only way to solve the immigration problem is to institute a mass amnesty or to provide smaller amnesties for select populations, like that of the DREAM Act. The lesson of 1986, however, is that an amnesty would, in fact, increase illegal immigration levels, encouraging a new generation of immigrants to come here illegally.” –Jena McNeill with The Heritage Foundation, December 21, 2010

Supporters of bills like DREAM, often try to argue that illegal immigrants who have children in the United States are natural citizens. A few of my Conservative friends said this just the other day. For support of this argument he referenced the 14 amendment of the US Constitution. Senator Jon Kyl (a Republican) has called for hearing in the House to see about removing the provision in the 14 amendment because he does not believe illegal aliens born here should be citizens.

But the 14th amendment does not support citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. The relevant part of the amendment says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Key phrase: and subject to the jurisdiction thereof. The amendment was originally intended to grant citizenship to the emancipated slaves, they were under the jurisdiction of the United States. The illegal immigrants, and their children, are not subject to our jurisdiction just as diplomats and foreign visitors.

Mark Levin in his book Liberty and Tyranny says, “Illegal aliens are subject to the jurisdiction of their home country, as are their children, whether they are born in their home country or the United States.” (P. 154)

Illegal immigration isn’t a new problem. Amnesty is not the solution. The DREAM act is so far from a solution, it’s laughable. The solution is found in enforcing the law, like Arizona is trying to do. Except when Arizona tries to enforce the law the federal government tries to sue them for enforcing federal law. We should reward those who are obeying the law, not those who break it.

It was a fantasy, a fleeting thought. DREAM on, DREAM on…




  1. Is your solution for “2.8 million” people (not sure how you got this number) to wait for visas? Do you know how many of them would be able to acquire visas, or how long they would have to wait?

    1. No, the solution is to deport those who have entered illegally, in proper enforcement of the law. Bills like S.B. 1070 (in Arizona, a similar law worked well in a Virginia district) are good, rational steps toward this goal. If the illegal immigrants want the right to be here, they should then apply for legal acceptance.

      The 2.8 million number came from the Heritage Foundation. ( You’ll find it on the first paragraph.

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