A ‘Harey’ Situation

All Representative Phil Hare (D-IL) proved when he answered constituents questions about health care was show he didn’t know the Constitution, he didn’t care about the Constitution, and he believed the lie that more people would have insurance under the bill.

He argues with constituents about the health care bill, one prompts, “Where in the Constitution…” To which Hare replies, “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest… I care more about the people who are dying every day that don’t have health insurance.” To that the constituent replies, “You care more about that than the Constitution you Swore to uphold?”  Then, Hare seeing (of course) that his constituents did not in the least accept his answer, says, “I believe it says that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” But, (as another constituent rightly points out) that’s the Declaration of Independence.

Later the conversation reveals that Hare fails to even know where in the Constitution it allows the federal government to do this. But it matters little to him because more people will have insurance.

Actually, they won’t. As we’ve already discussed, the majority of the insurance companies will go out of business through this bill. Therefore, less Americans will have insurance.

How does Hare respond to this calamity?

He responds by saying that all of those statements were “completely taken out of context.” That he only said he wasn’t worried about the Constitution. And that (in the latest video) he says that he wouldn’t have voted for the bill if it was unconstitutional. But he has already show us that he doesn’t know where it says in the Constitution that government is permitted to do this.

Next, he says that we can “disagree on health care reform, but we don’t have to be disagreeable.” And that, as long as he’s in office, there shouldn’t be any disagreements. Talk about silencing the debate.

There should be some sort of test that you have to take when you are elected to an office. Too many Congressmen/women blunder when it comes to knowing what the Constitution says and means. It doesn’t matter if they swear to uphold the Constitution, if they don’t even know what it is, says, does, or means. They are a shame to the office.

Perhaps one of Hare’s constituents put it best as his Representative was pulling out of the parking lot, “Better start looking for a job.” That’s what a lot of constituents will be saying to their Congressmen/women this November.



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